?A Mercedes in a Dodge Body?

While Chevy and Ford have been out trying to improve the comfort and ride of their “”heavy duty”” line up, Dodge did something different — they turned to the master of comfort in Mercedes. In fact, Dodge, once owned by Mercedes, took not just a lesson in amenities, but also used the trademark Mercedes unibody construction to improve the handling and maneuverability of their beefy trucks. And this couldn’t have come at a better time, as soon after Dodge trucks exploded on the market with the new rounded grill and the sought after Cummins Turbo Diesel engine, they were sharply criticized for the unreliable transmission. Seems that Dodge built an engine so mighty that their transmission couldn’t keep up.

So what did they do? They used Mercedes innovative RFE transmission, complete with the antifreeze bladder to not just perform every bit as well as their Cummins engine, but also to reduce the engine noise vibration and harshness. But the innovative Dodge team didn’t stop there. The list of Mercedes features they added were impressive, from the high intensity discharge lights, soft touch interior, and LED lighting to the rain-brake support, they left the customer wanting nothing.

And to be sure, Dodge trucks have consistently outperformed their counterparts in the torque and power categories, but now any deficiencies in comfort, or safety — two Mercedes hallmarks — are a thing of the past. Now, with Dodge’s new designs, fans can have the best of both worlds, the best built trucks, and the most comfortable — all at an affordable price. No longer will those who need the power of a truck have to succumb to the often harsh ride, deplorable gas mileage, or hefty price tag. Dodge, or more accurately, now Ram –the two brands split in 2010 –has solved all of that for the customer, and once again, left no stone unturned. And along with the brand division, Ram will be rolling out a sweet new line up.

Maximizing efficiency and power, the new Ram is highlighted by the high output Cummins engine, built to pull a might 20,000 pounds. But customers need not worry, this hefty model is fully loaded with soft touch interior, LED lighting, GPS, Bluetooth and navigation cameras. Meet the new Ram — a perfect blend of power and comfort. And with it’s counterparts struggling to make ends meet, Ram reports sales are up 13%.

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