?A Diesel Truck As a Family Vehicle?

One of my friends for three years has searched for the right diesel truck. He intends this to be the primary family vehicle for a family of five with three drivers. This seems at first to be an unreasonable decision but maybe not. Here are three reasons that make a diesel pickup work for some folks.

Lasts Nearly Forever

Well, not really forever but certain diesel pickup engines are legendary for lasting for many hundreds of miles. Often those are miles piled up while pulling trailers too. Cost to drive vehicles that last a long time often justifies spending more money on the vehicle initial purchase. If the power plant will last for upwards of three thousand miles, cost to own the truck can be quite reasonable.

Fuel Efficient Even When Loaded

Some diesel pickup engines don’t really get great fuel mileage. But then some do offer mileage in the high teens. The real plus to the diesels is the loaded mileage possible. When towing or hauling is part of the reason you use a pickup, diesels often excel. That’s because loaded and unloaded fuel economy are close to the same sometimes. That often beats a gas powered truck by a considerable margin.

Several Fuel Sources

My friend with the desire for the pickup has run a diesel car on vegetable oil for years. See, there’s method to his madness. If you can develop a system to manufacture your own bio diesel or run a diesel engine on used fats, you have a powerful option for self-sufficiency. Think of the possibilities if you can cheaply manufacture fuel at home and run it in your own vehicle. There are other ways to make diesel fuel other than using used vegetable oils too.

Some truck owners have developed systems to produce diesel fuel from soybeans and that opens all kinds of possibilities to bypass the oil companies with your own fuel systems.

Put a four door diesel pickup in your driveway and you open up many options. Especially if your business or hobby includes towing a trailer, a pickup like this makes good sense. Develop your own sources of fuel and the economics of diesel trucks looks brighter and better.

Though big heavy pickups can be somewhat unwieldy to drive around, it’s hard to top a pickup for all around usefulness. With the right engine choice and the right maintenance people available to keep it going, diesels open up some really attractive possibilities.

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