?8 Reasons Your Next Truck Should Be Powered by a Diesel Engine

Better Fuel Economy: Diesel engines use compression ignition instead of spark plugs to start the combustion process. Using compression as the ignition source, combined with the higher energy content of diesel fuel, provides a much more efficient engine which requires less fuel to operate than a gasoline engine. A diesel engine is also able to operate at peak torque at lower RPM, like you would typically see at cruising speeds, further boosting fuel economy.

More Power: A turbodiesel engine can produce much more peak torque than a gasoline engine of equal size, and maintain peak torque over a broader RPM spectrum.This provides for much more power throughout the operating range, less downshifts for improved fuel economy, and increased payload ratings.

Higher Towing Capability: Due to the stout structure and additional torque of a diesel engine, payloads on diesel powered trucks are much higher than those on similarly sized gasoline V8 powered trucks. If you have something large to tow, a diesel will make the task much easier and provide the best fuel economy possible while loaded.

Aftermarket Support: Diesel powered trucks are receiving much more attention from the aftermarket than gasoline powered trucks due partly to the fact that diesel engines are easy to tune for more performance. Where a few simple bolt on parts may increase your gas powered truck’s performance by 50-75 horsepower, the same parts could take your diesel to extreme performance levels. How does an additional 200-350 horsepower sound? (Based on performance testing of a tuner, cold air intake, and exhaust system; the three most common and readily available engine modifications.)

Driving Experience: If your any sort of automotive enthusiast, or just like a truck that can run through the gears fast, diesel is the way to go. Just remember to hang on once the turbocharger spools, because you will be in for one wild ride. Diesel engines produce gobs of torque at low RPM, which pushes you back in your seat as the truck takes off when you start getting into the throttle.

Engine Longevity: Diesel engines operate at lower RPM and have much stronger engine parts than comparable gasoline engines. This translates into increased engine life, with diesel engines generally lasting up to 2x longer than gasoline engines before needing an overhaul or major repairs.

Cleaner Emissions: New technology has cleaned up the diesel combustion process, reducing the amount of harmful greenhouse emissions and virtually eliminating diesel soot from the exhaust.

Alternative Fuel Solutions: Supporter of alternative fuels? Then you may like the future of diesel fuel. Biodiesel is currently becoming readily available across the United States and its popularity is growing. A great characteristic of biodiesel is that it can be made out of many different items, including corn and other vegetation, used vegetable oil, garbage and waste material, and even algae. Biodiesel is a growing solution to the fuel crisis, and it burns clean. However, you will not be putting this in your gasoline powered vehicle anytime soon.

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