?2006 Toyota Tundra Review

Well, I’ve been shopping again. I have been looking at a couple of trucks and I like the Nissan Titan. It’s nice and has a lot of features. I am a Toyota fan and I do like the Tundra. It’s based upon the Sequoia frame – rather – they share the same frame, so it rides nice. The 271hp V8 helps tote things around, too. With a 6800-pound towing capacity, even if you have the double cab, you still have room for the family and the camper and the boat and the gear . . .whew.

One of the neat things about the new trucks is style. When I opened the door, I was surrounded in leather. The DVD navigation system may be a bit much for my use, but the double cab had a rear seat DVD player that would be perfect for the kids. It also had a vertical sliding rear glass, just like my 4runner and Sequoia.

I can’t decide if I’d rather have the Access cab, or just go ahead and get the double cab. The access cab has almost a full size door opening up into the back seats, and I probably won’t be hauling around any big adults in the back. Unless they wanted to watch the DVD player.

It may sound odd, but you can get a limited slip rear end on the 2 wheel drive models. It keeps the rear tire from spinning. . .well, one tire from spinning. I’m sure with that monster engine, it wouldn’t take much to get the tires smoking. The mechanical limited slip is an option all unto itself. As I discovered further, I think I’d rather have the entire package of safety features. They are stability control, traction control, brake assist, fog lamps, running lights, and AUTOMATIC limited-slip rear differential. Sounds daunting, but I’m sure this package would be worth it in the long run.

So, double cab? SR5 or Limited. Hmm. Step side? Not for me, but it is stylish looking. I’d have to option mine up a bit to get the homelink, DVD’s, Leather, and side curtain air bags if I do get the double cab.

It’s a nice truck. Manly enough for me, but still soft enough the wife could drive it if I let her. If you get a chance, check them out, because Toyota did it right with the Tundra this year.

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